Part musician, part singer, part comedian.

Brian comes from a family of musicians - both his father and brother were band leaders.  

Brian is actually a self-taught musician stemming from his drive to impress the girls in high school.  In fact, he used to play in basement parties with a tip cup in front of him.

He has come a long way since those days and is amazed that he gets to make a living playing music and celebrate some of the most joyous occasions of people's lives.

He is equally amazed by the talent that he surrounds himself with every day.


Likes: tuna melts, facials, swimming with his koi, and lobster pizza

Dislikes: the parking lot at Meadowridge, lead singers that say "Don't forget to tip your bartenders", and coconuts

Tom Cottone


Tom Cottone is a drummer based In Lawrenceville NJ. His versatility makes him one of the most in demand drummers in the NJ/NY area. Tom loves warm weather, craft beer, Yankee baseball and great food, particularly burritos, burgers, and seafood. He hates goat cheese, keish, and fake people…Come say hi to him at a show, but please don't ask if he has a tambourine.


Aside from being married to an incredible woman and being a proud dog dad, Joel enjoys web development, fishing, watching Formula 1, and great food. He likes to relax with his friends and family, spend time outside, and play the occasional video game. Through school, he had the opportunity to study with world-class musicians such as John Mosca, Jim McNeely, Clark Terry, Harold Mabern, Neil Wetzel, Ralph Brodt, and David Demsey.


Joel began playing with New Jersey’s premier cover band, Brian Kirk and the Jirks, and continues to work as a full-time member playing almost 200 dates per year. Additionally, he had the honor of being called to play with many incredible musicians, including: The Four Tops, The Pat McGee Band, Quincy Mumford and the Reason Why, Phil Woods and the Coda Festival Band, Wycliffe Jean, and a variety of other fantastic ensembles.

Nerio with percussion_edited_edited.jpg


Nerio grew up surrounded by music in my native country of Venezuela.  At the young age of ten, he began playing music with family and friends in his hometown Maracaibo in the State of Zulia. Pursuing his interest in percussion, he took every opportunity to play and learn, drawing  inspiration from his father and grandfather and many close friends. Nerio's passion for percussion grew stronger and continues to this day. Since coming to the States nearly 25 years ago, he has played live with many bands and artists, nationally and internationally, and has lent his talent on countless recordings.  His creativity and versatility in percussion brings an unmatched energy and sound to music events and can be felt by all ages.


When his parents overheard him teaching himself the Inspector Gadget theme song on piano at age five they knew their dreams of a football scholarship were crushed. 


Tom O’Brien is a musical jack of all trades, trained in music theory and composition. He has served as a church choir director and organist for over 10 years and is also a founder and teacher at 5 Melody Music in Middletown. 


When not being a Jirk, Tom enjoys his role as complete Star Wars nerd, practicing aikido, cooking for his beautiful wife and juggling his four perfect kids.